About the RNRMC


For over ten years, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) has been the principal charity of the Royal Navy. As a world class grant making charity, the RNRMC has distributed over £51 million to help ensure that sailors, marines and their families remain supported, for life.

The RNRMC raises vital funds for those in the naval service who need support after injury, bereavement or illness, whether currently serving or naval veterans. The funds raised by the RNRMC are distributed to over 30 frontline charities, ensuring that vital support is provided to where the need is greatest.

Throughout the last decade, the RNRMC has donated over £16 million to improve the lives of serving personnel whether it’s enhanced working environments, funding team building activities, family days or community events.

The charity remain just as focused on their support of the veteran community as they are on the frontline. It has contributed over £25million to support both elderly and working age veterans in addition to looking after the partners, families and children of those currently serving.

For more information on the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, call 023 9387 1520

How your money helps

Through funding from Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity’s funding, Relate counselling have been able to continue to provide vital relationship and marriage counselling services to members of naval community.

Over the past two years, the RNRMC have donated almost £250,000 to help support the services Relate offer. Those serving their country with the Royal Naval Service can expect to be away on deployments of up to 9 months at a time. This can take its toll on interpersonal relationships, often causing unhappiness and the breakdown of communication in relationships.

A naval couple, who wished to remain anonymous, used the Relate counselling service to help address issues in their marriage. For privacy reasons, all identifying features have been removed.

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RNRMC Case Study:  Relate Counselling

We have been married for over 35 years, but it hasn’t all been plain sailing. There have been rows and arguments and sometimes it’s been tough; but because we have had so many great years together, and we have a lovely daughter, we wanted to make our marriage work.

The demands of military life and the separation it involves does put pressure on relationships, so it’s important for the ‘employer’ (the Navy and the MOD) to do what they can to help. That’s their duty of care.

We have learned to live with our differences, including some pretty heated arguments from time to time. Then I saw Relate’s partnership with the RNRMC advertised we both agreed to seize the opportunity and booked seven free sessions of counselling with Relate.

The sessions were arranged conveniently close to where we live - which really helped.  Most sessions we attended as a couple. Talking together with a counsellor has allowed us to express issues without getting argumentative.

We were also able to have one private session each, without the partner present, which we had never done before. We both felt that this helped the counsellor to understand us better individually and allowed her to shape the following sessions.

Counselling with Relate was very helpful. We are still together and slowly our relationship is getting better and better.  We do still have our differences.  We can both be strong willed and stubborn.  But now we try to resolve our differences calmly, and we both think that Relate has helped us to do that. 

We’ve learned to nurture our marriage, to talk about our issues.  Most of all, we’ve learned to set aside time to work on our relationship.

It’s important that people get independent help early, and don’t wait until the situation is irretrievable.

For more information visit www.rnrmc.org.uk