About the RNRMC

Our Navy protects us at sea, on land and in the air, but in times of hardship and distress who looks after them?

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is the Navy’s charity, and we are uniquely placed to know the people who are in need and the best ways to help them.

Since 2007, we have funded projects and facilities that boost morale for those who serve today. We also distribute millions of pounds annually to military charities which care for the children, families and veterans of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

With your support, we can direct funds to where they will have the greatest impact on people’s lives. You can help us support achieve our vision of supporting our sailors, marines and their families, for life.

For more information on The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, call 023 9387 1520 or visit www.rnrmc.org.uk.

How your money helps

Case Study: Wounded Royal Marines veterans rule the waves thanks to charity

Charitable support from a dedicated Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Afghan LIBOR fund enabled three wounded in-service Royal Marines to start new careers in the maritime industry through Turn to Starboard, a group of Yachtmasters and volunteers – civilian, ex-service and serving – who help military veterans get on the right track.

Following medical discharge from the Royal Marines, Steve, Dan and Rich, gained internationally recognised qualifications (up to RYA Yachtmaster Cruising Instructor) to increase their employability and potential for a choice of careers in the maritime industry.

Steve followed the path of Skipper and since 2015 has been responsible for safety of crew and passengers having passed his Yachtmaster training. Steve now volunteers at the organisation.

Dan meanwhile has become a full-time member of the Turn to Starboard team, having also completed his Yachtmaster programme. This is in spite of the significant challenges that he faced at the beginning of the process, particularly when engaging with others. 

Shaun Pascoe, founder and CEO of Turn to Starboard, said: “He has made what he describes as life-changing progress whilst with Turn to Starboard. His enthusiasm and loyalty to Turn to Starboard is without question.”

Rich, finally is another committed volunteer to the organisation. His military experience in mechanical engineering proved invaluable on his journey to Offshort Yachtmaster.

None of the above would have been possible without the generous funding of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, a part of The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, the Poppy Factory and Turn to Starboard; each of whom contributed £18,000 each to see Dan, Steve and Rich through the year-long course.