Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can I buy tickets on the day?
A. Tickets will be available to purchase at all 3 entrances.

Q. Can children get in for free?
A. Children under 3 can attend the event for free, a ticket will not be issued, they will be required to sit on an adult's lap.  If a seat is required for a child, a full price ticket must be purchased. 

Q. What time do the gates open?
A. Access to the site will be from 5pm. Please allow time for security searches. Please aim to be seated by 6pm.

Q. What time does the event finish?
A. The event will finish at approximately 7.30pm.

Q. Is there a programme?
A. Yes. Programmes will cost £5 each

Q. What provisions are there for disabled visitors?
A. Please see the tickets page for further information. There will be disabled toilets available inside the Parade area.

Q. Is there a good meeting point on site?
A. The best meeting points are adjacent to your entrance gate. Please refer to the map on your ticket to identify your gate.

Q. Which entrance should I use?
A. Please use the correct entrance for ticket:

Stands A, B and C - via The Mall Horse Guards Road and Admiralty Citadel
Stands D, E, F, G and accessible seating- via Whitehall
Stands H, J, K, L, M and N - via Birdcage Walk and Foreign Office Green

Q. Can I come by taxi?
A. You are very welcome to arrive and depart by taxi. Taxi drivers will give advice on suitable drop off and pick up points.

Q. Is there food and drink available onsite?
A. No food or drinks outlets will be available in the Horse Guards Parade area.

Q. Are there any banking facilities?
A. No, there are no banking facilities in the Horse Guards Parade area.

Q. Is there a dress code?
A. There is no prescribed dress code.

Q. Is the event dependent on good weather?
A. No, the event will go ahead in inclement weather. The event may be cancelled or cut short in the event of very heavy rain or dangerously high winds.  This is an uncovered outdoor event. Please be aware of the weather. Dress appropriately. Umbrellas are not to be used during performance.

Q. Are there crèche facilities?
A. No crèche facilities will be available.

Q. Are there any prohibited items?
A. Police will confiscate any knives found during their searches at the entry points.  This includes penknives, Swiss Army knives, Leatherman or equivalent types of knives and any form of cutlery knife that may be used for picnics.  Please ensure that knives of any description are not brought to the event.  Please note the following are also not permitted on site: flame torches, sky lanterns, any naked flames, pet animals. Umbrellas should not be used within the seating areas.

Q. What would you recommend bringing, and are there any prohibited items?
A. We recommend bringing appropriate clothing for the weather. The concert area will be well lit. Please note the following are not permitted on site: flame torches, sky lanterns, any naked flames, pet animals. Umbrellas should not be used within the seating areas.

Q. Is there on site parking for organised coach parties?
A. No on-site parking is available for coach parties. You should ask your coach provider to investigate options for coach disembarkation/ embarkation locations in the local area.

Q. Are there toilets?
A. There are very limited toilet facilities.